Underage Drinking

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Under Pennsylvania law, an underage drinking conviction results in a driver’s license suspension, commencing on the date a teen applies for a driver’s license, typically at age sixteen. What many people don’t know, however, is that a young person may qualify to have the underage drinking charge cleared from their record upon reaching the age of twenty-one.

If you, or a son or daughter, have an underage drinking charge on their record, and are now twenty-one years old, we can help clear their record. Contact the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer to schedule an opportunity to meet with us today.

What others are saying

Parent of student with underage drinking and fake ID

Mr. Guyer put my mind at rest from worry about my child’s first encounter with this situation. I was very worried it would be much worse than it actually was. He took care of the details and the charges were dismissed. Since my child was not driving the car it was a relief that the charges were argued in our favor although the judge initially said because two charges were given, it should have been a fine. But Mr. Guyer stood by the facts and no fines were issues as it was the first offense. We were relieved to have had the records dismissed with no follow up needed. We are very grateful to him and his staff for providing this service to us. I recommend him to be a professional and caring attorney in working with these types of cases in traffic court.