Commercial Driver’s License Suspension

commercial_driversIf you are a truck driver, or drive a commercial vehicle for a living, you can’t afford to have your livelihood threatened by having your driver’s license suspended.

A single DUI charge or excessive traffic violations – on or off the job – can mean the end of your job, and possibly your career.

At The Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer, we help professional drivers keep their CDL when it is threatened with suspension. Edwin L. Guyer puts many years of DUI and driver’s license defense experience into defending your commercial license. We know how serious a revocation of your commercial driver’s license is to you, and your family. We can help keep you on the road, and on the job. If you are a commercial tractor trailer driver, or other professional driver who is facing a commercial driver’s license suspension, contact the Law Offices of Edwin L. Guyer to discuss how we can help keep you driving. It’s your job. It’s worth fighting for.

What others are saying

For a DUI, I was originally referred to an attorney who was somewhat of a “family friend”. Unfortunately, this attorney was not as “well schooled” in the art of DUI defense as originally advertised, and my application for ARD was rejected. Fortunately this attorney had the good sense to know they were over their head and referred me to Ed Guyer. Other then his odd affection for a certain basketball team from Durham, NC, Mr Guyer is without peer in the practice of DUI law in Montgomery Co. ( a judge even complimented me on my choice of Mr Guyer to represent me). After Mr. Guyer got involved, I reapplied for the ARD program and was accepted! I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who find themselves in one of these situations & wants to be represented by a real Pro.