Why Choose Us for DUI

Are you on the wrong end of a Pennsylvania DUI charge? Are you facing the chance of jail, losing your license, and getting saddled with a criminal record? Our site’s goal is to help you protect yourself and make the right decision for your future.

We have combed through hundreds of lawyers who say they take DUI cases in the Pennsylvania area, and we know that not all of them provide the same level of experience or service. Some just don’t measure up when it comes to getting results for their clients. You deserve better.

DUI Lawyers that Get Results

The one thing you want from your DUI lawyer is for them to win your case. A “win” can mean many things. It might mean getting the charge knocked down to something a lot less serious. It might mean saving you thousands of dollars in fines, or getting an alternative to a jail sentence so you don’t lose your job. In the best cases it can mean having the charge dropped and walking away free. No matter what the particulars of your case, your lawyer’s job is to improve the outcome.

That’s why the right lawyer makes such a big difference. We will fight harder for you. We know more about DUI law, and how to choose a strategy that will be effective for you. The best DUI lawyers will defend your case like it’s their own son or daughter standing trial. When a lawyer truly cares about your case, you can tell the difference.

Exclusive Focus on DUI

Our lawyers share one thing: we focus on drunk driving cases and other Motor Vehicle offenses. For some attorneys, DUI is a sideline. They might know the laws around drunk driving, but how often do they convince a prosecutor to drop a case? Do they know each judge by name, and how the judge feels about DUI? Are they familiar with the arresting officers and know which ones have a reputation? Are they well versed with DMV repercussions?

When a lawyer chooses to focus on DUI law they do it for a reason. It’s because they see how harsh Pennsylvania’s DUI laws have become — way too harsh for the crime. You should have a lawyer who’s passionate about defending your case, and believes in what they do.

You Have a Chance to Beat Your DUI

Go into any courtroom and you will see the same story: DUI defendants getting sentenced one after another. Many of these defendants chose the cheapest lawyer they could find. That lawyer is standing at their side as they receive their sentence. The lawyer told them to plead guilty and now they face fines, jail, higher car insurance, an impounded vehicle and even the chance of getting fired at work. This is the true cost of not getting the right attorney for the job.

You deserve peace of mind.

This is your opportunity to beat your DUI. Your lawyer should take you from a position of weakness to a position of strength. They should explain every recommendation they make and why it benefits you. Most of all, they should know what they’re doing and help you get the best result possible.

The sooner you speak to a lawyer, the more they can do to help you. DUI cases move quickly and the results are forever. Let us put you in touch with Pennsylvania’s best DUI attorney, Ed Guyer—and get a 100% FREE session to evaluate your case.

Ed Guyer will review 13 DUI defenses that can help you beat your Pennsylvania DUI charges:

  1. DUI Breath Test Errors
  2. Mouth Alcohol as a DUI Defense
  3. GERD, Acid Reflux and Hiatal Hernia: Medical DUI Defenses
  4. Ketosis as a Result of Diabetes or Low-Carb Diets
  5. Rising Blood Alcohol as a DUI Defense
  6. DUI Blood Test Errors
  7. Lack of Probable Cause for a DUI Stop
  8. Innocent Explanations for Physical Signs of DUI
  9. Inaccuracy of Field Sobriety Tests
  10. Simple Bad Driving — Not DUI
  11. DUI Sobriety Checkpoint Not in Compliance with the Law
  12. BAC Doesn’t Accurately Reflect Impairment
  13. No Driving